In the heart of Saint-Louis, home of historic houses, Jamm is housed in a magnificent old building. 
Saint-Louis, this amazing city, belongs to the UNESCO world heritage since 2000.  
Jamm is an authentic colonial house, fully polished with the techniques and materials from the time of its initial construction in 1848.  It carries the charm of the past and the comfort of the modern European guesthouses.
In compliance with the standards of guesthouses, it has only four rooms.  You will share hearty breakfast with your guests, or wait for the evening dinner instead.
You may settle down first in this comfortable abode; then, start sightseeing the region of the Senegal river or stroll around the historic houses: the house of Pierre Loti and Faidherbe, the Mermoz sea lane base, and the large houses of merchants.

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Yves Lamour Rue Paul Holle / Brière de l'Isle Saint Louis du Sénégal BP 667
Téléphone : +221 77 443 47 65